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Quirky intellectuals ONly

we don't hire jerks & assholes

As the late Steve Jobs has said: "It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do."


Last updated by Luigi P. on July 8, 2024.

Start Here:

  • Sneaker-Friends, please expect this application process to be weird and perhaps unprofessional because we're not normal and we're not looking for normal. Medyo weird kami dito :)

Why Work Here:

  • LEARN: Working in Shoenami means you are an important member of a small ~10 person team. The unique way in which you approach and solve a problem will definitely be noticed. A startup has fewer people so everybody’s role is more important.
  • CONTRIBUTE: Your contributions will have immediate impact because it won't go through 100 layers of management and approvals. Here you won't just join something, you'll add something.
  • INNOVATION: At an established company, you most likely have an employee handbook that outlines the policies and procedures for a given scenario. At Shoenami, team members are continuously creating these policies and procedures. This gives you more freedom to experiment with new processes and templates to see what works best.
  • VALUE: Shoenami thrives off of new ideas and ways of thinking through problems. Additionally, there are few teammates to make suggestions. This means that your input is valuable and sometimes necessary for the growth of the business.

What our previous/current teammates say about us:

  • "I’ve mentioned several times that I am beyond grateful to be working for Shoenami. One of the reasons for this is that I do feel valued and recognized in the company. I don’t think every employee is lucky enough to be able to put their personal life out there when needed because not all employers value it over their job. It also means a lot that I feel like I’ve gained Shoenami’s trust and am able to express my ideas and opinions on certain matters.from Kristine F. (Current Sneaker Sales Specialist)
  • "Every time, I browse the Shoenami website, I feel happy that my hard work has paid off. This also reflects the trust of the company beyond my work, as well as my growth in my position. Also, the compliments help my motivation grow further." from Daniella P. (Former Admin Assistant)
  • "I once told myself to look for a better opportunity after spending some time here, but until now, I can't seem to let go. I learned to love Shoenami, and I hope to be part of the growth and expansion it can reach. I am proud to be part of such a talented, friendly, & driven team. Cheers for more footprints!!from Kate Y. (Current HR & Admin Team Lead)
  • “If you ever get lucky enough to be hiring people, make sure you're hiring people that not only you can teach, but make sure you're hiring people who are also going to teach you things.” from Jeff Bezos (Former Amazon CEO)
  • "One aspect I like about Shoenami is the opportunity to have my voice heard directly by the founder, this enables me to contribute valuable ideas" from Thea P. (Current CSR & Warehouse Supervisor)

Positions Available:

OUR PROMISE: You don't need to ask if the position is still available. We appreciate your effort in taking the time to apply. Once positions are filled, these listings above will be immediately deleted. If you can see the listing above, that means the position is still open. Good luck, sneaker-friends! :)