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Clyde Sneaker Cleaning Kit


Clyde is made with natural soap derived from coconut oil with added jojoba oil as a conditioner. Releases dirt, dust, grime, and stains easily. It penetrates and conditions shoes to prevent cracking, discoloration, and scuffing with long-term use. It has no harsh chemicals, no bleach, no artificial fragrance, and is non-toxic. Use with canvas, cotton, knits, leather, mesh, nylon, other textiles, vinyl, and more. Clyde is a mild, non-irritant, and pH-neutral cleaner that is SLS and SLES free.

1 x 250mL Clyde® Premium Shoe Cleaner and Conditioner

1 x Premium Horse Hair Brush
1 x Nylon/Sole Brush
1 x Premium Microfiber Towel

WARNING: Some delicate materials fade or shed off-color, test on unnoticeable areas first before cleaning.

DO NOT USE BRUSH ON: Synthetic leather, glossy coating or finish, vinyl, plastic with reflective parts, colored, or painted materials.


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